Stephanie Negrete RN, Esthetician - TLC Skin Care Clinic

Hey you guys! 
Just wanted to give you guys some tips for our new online booking system! 

1)      You are now able to book Both Stephanie AND Danell online! When you are on the main online booking page, after you select the service you are wanting, there is an option to choose who you would like to see. If you do not click either Stephanie or Danell, and keep the field marked as “anyone”, then you will see ALL available appointments (not specified by provider). If you would like to see someone specific, make sure you check which lovely lady you would like to see! They are both AMAZING!! 

2)      Because we transferred from a system that TLC had been using for quite some time, there is a possibility that when you call, or book online, that your phone numbers not match (or that we have an old phone number on file, as well as your current number, and the new system cannot decipher which number was old and which number was new).If this is the case, make sure that when your sign up for online booking, that you give the phone number you would like to be contacted at! And if you call to book, make sure that you give the receptionist your current phone number (though she will double check phone numbers when you call to book) just in case! 

3)      There is also a new exciting feature where we can send you reminder text (SMS) messages straight to your mobile phone that will remind you of your appointments! If you are interested in this feature, just give the receptionist your Mobile number, carrier and state that that number is the number you would like to have set as your preferred contact number, and you will be all set up for text reminders!!! Cool huh!? 

4)      Last but not least, we ask that you please be Patient with us!! As we have transferred our WHOLE business from one end of the world to the other ha ha!! We know and acknowledge that we are going to run into some small bumps and are prepared to face them head on! Please stand by us in this journey to a happier and healthier TLC Skin Care Clinic!!